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Grand Prix Bonus Races
1/20 Frostbite Midwinter 15K, Raynham --- any marathon = 5 points
2/17 Foxboro Old Fashioned 10M --- any 1/2 marathon (except New Bedford) = 4
3/16 New Bedford Half Marathon --- PR at a GP or Bonus race = 3
4/27 James Joyce Ramble 10K, Dedham 2/16 Martha's Vinevard 20M = 4
5/24 Joseph & Rose Gilio 5K, Norwood 7/17 Marathon Sports 5M, Weston = 3
6/17 GNRC Handicapped Mile, Westwood 8/10 Falmouth Road Race = 3
7/4 Norwood Firecracker 5K 9/1 Around Cape Ann 25K, Gloucester = 4
9/6 Ollie 5M Classic, South Boston 9/1 Walpole Labor Day 10K = 3
10/26 Canton Fall Classic 10K 9/6 Block Island 15K (RI) = 3
11/23 Billy Kelly Memorial 5M, Mansfield 9/13 Caritas Norwood Hospital 4M = 3
12/6 GNRC HO-HO-HO 5K, Norwood 9/20 Medfield Day 5K = 3
Scoring Rules:
1. Each time you complete a Grand Prix Race you earn three points.
2. The 1st GNRC man and woman earn 10 points each (in addition to the three for participating). 2nd GNRC runner earns 9 points; 3rd GNRC runner earns 8 points; 4th GNRC runner earns 7 points; 5th GNRC runner earns 6 points; 6th GNRC runner earns 5 points; 7th GNRC runner earns 4 points; 8th GNRC runner earns 3 points; 9th GNRC runner earns 2 points; 10th GNRC runner earns 1 point.
3. No placing points are awarded for the Bonus Races.
4. If you get a PR when running a GP / Bonus Race, you earn an additional three points. You may PR twice on the same distance within the same year while running a GP/Bonus Race. (i.e. you PR at JJR (10k GP) and again at Walpole (10k Bonus).
5. The half and full marathon bonus points are counted once each (two marathons does not earn ten points).
Please email scoring updates to Melissa Caron. Any scoring questions will be forwarded to the officers.
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